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Highgate Primary School

Highgate Primary School, Administration Building

“Highgate School is currently in the process of working with Sarah Paddick and her team in the design and building of a new administration area and the redevelopment of the current administration areas into general learning areas.


Throughout the process, we are currently in the tender process; Sarah has been instrumental in ensuring that all of the Highgate Schools needs have been met. Sarah was instrumental in ensuring the initial meetings targeted the priority needs of the leadership and staff and the opportunities that the funds might provide to the school. Once the general design was clear, Sarah brought her team in to present further designs and finishes to complete the general picture that the finished product would deliver. Throughout the process, Sarah provided clear direction for all the groups involved and clarity in all the processes. Sarah brought in the right people at the right time.

I appreciated Mary’s (part of Sarah’s team) ability to present several options for staff to consider and both Sarah’s and Mary’s ability to gain agreement with Highgate staff on what is generally the most difficult area, the finished product. I have found working with Sarah and her team very easy and rewarding, I am confident we will work well, to get the best outcome for Highgate School.

- Phil Johansen, Principal, Highgate School

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