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Adelaide Women's Prison - Totalspace Design

Secure Facility Projects.

A particular area of specialisation, Totalspace Design's lead architect Sarah Paddick is a leader in secure facility architecture. Sarah focuses on the seamless integration of security, functionality and architecture.

With extensive experience in the design of specialist control room facilities, Sarah achieves holistic security solutions through her strong understanding of security operations and security systems. Totalspace Design has also established a solid strategic alliance with CTG Security Matrix (, with whom it partners for many security upgrade projects and major correctional security consortium bids.

For clients, this match provides the best possible structure for delivery of results and innovation and is founded on the project integration of design and operational functionality.  This alliance is now well established with multiple security projects undertaken in partnership – and the results always ensure secure and safe working environments that are architecturally innovative.

In 2010, Sarah was awarded the Catherine Helen Spence Memorial Fund Scholarship to undertake travel and research into the area of Mother and Baby Accommodation in Secure Facilities and children visiting secure facilities. Sarah has also presented at the World Emergency Games Conference on Secure Facility Control Room Design and also at two Prison Planning Conferences, on the topic of integration of the security and architecture in secure facilities. She has been a presenter at two International Corrections and Prisons Association conferences, speaking on her work at the Adelaide Women’s Prison.

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