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John Pirie Secondary School Redevelopment

John Pirie Secondary School Redevelopment

The centerpiece of our John Pirie Secondary School Redevelopment is two new buildings with sixteen general learning areas, a science laboratory and teacher preparation spaces. The redevelopment also included extensive renovation to an existing hall to create a Performing Arts Centre.

"I want to take one last opportunity to thank you for your work. It’s a beautiful sunny day, most of the external doors open in Building's A and B are wide open, teachers are collaborating in their shared offices and the learning is just really visible as you walk through. The impact of your work on the culture of learning multiplied over the future generations of young people who will learn in those buildings is immeasurable... {you} went beyond just pumping out another corporate building for the government and I really want to thank your team for that."

- John Pirie Secondary School

Assistant Principal

Architect: Totalspace Design

Interiors: Totalspace Design

Builder: McMahon Building Services

Services: Meinhardt Engineers

Structural: Meinhardt Engineers

Landscape: DesignWell

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