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Kapunda High School Redevlopment

Kapunda High School Redevelopment

Kapunda High School was faced with increased student numbers and was struggling with insufficient facilities for the current enrolment numbers, as well as the challenges of managing aging transportables. The redevelopment has allowed for new enrolment numbers to reach 700 students, achieved within the final $15M budget, which comprised of the following completed works:

  • Demolition of Buildings 4 (change rooms), 5 (change rooms), 18 (learning area), 19 (learning area) & 20 (learning area), Sheds 6 (PE store) & 12 (Tech studies store) & the removal or relocation of Building 31 (music), and the existing cricket nets.

  • Refurbishment to Building 3 (existing toilet facilities) including increase in toilet numbers & compliance upgrades.

  • Extensions to building 24 (gym) including replacement change rooms, toilets & showers, and a separate extension comprising of gym storage space.

  • New Building A (three storey building encompassing music performance & practice areas, GLA’s, SLA’s, visual arts classroom, breakout areas, teacher's prep room, Year 12 learning area and storage)

  • New Building B (single storey building encompassing 4 GLA’s, 1 science lab, teacher's prep room and storage.

  • Replacement Tech Studies storage shed.

  • Landscaping comprising of links between new & existing buildings, DDA compliant upgrades & outdoor learning opportunities.


The project was delivered on time and on budget with new students starting in February 2022.

Architect: Totalspace Design

Interiors: Totalspace Design

Builder: Marshall and Brougham

Services: BCA Engineers

Structural: TMK Engineers

Landscape: DesignWell

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